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PatternPile is a resource for finding practical and fun-to-sew patterns for bags, hats and quilts.

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Sew the Multi-size Jasmine Makeup Bag Set

Sew the Multi-size Jasmine Makeup Bag Set

Discover the Jasmine Makeup Bag set, a perfect solution to efficiently organize and store all your cosmetics, makeup tools, hair products, and personal items. These bags are not only functional but also incredibly versatile. They easily fit inside your luggage or purse, making them your go-to travel companions. The quilted design adds a touch of structure and durability to the bags, but if you prefer a simpler look, you can create them without quilting too. The curved top design adds a delightful visual interest, while the wide zippered openings allow you to view your items with ease.

For added convenience, we've included optional interior pocket instructions. Plus, the wide bottoms ensure that all the bags can stand on their own, making access to your belongings even more effortless. Emphasizing practicality, all bags are fully lined and machine washable, so you can keep them clean and fresh with ease. Get creative and make these bags with your favorite fabric scraps for a truly personalized touch!



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