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DIY Tutorial: Adding Zippered Pocket and Recessed Zippered Closure to Your Bag-making Projects

With a free video tutorial from Sew Many Creations

Recessed Zippers:

Recessed zippers are a smart design choice when crafting bags, especially tote bags and purses. These zippers are skillfully set into a seam, creating a sleek and polished look while also offering practical advantages. By sitting below the bag's top edge or lip, recessed zippers provide added security for your belongings, preventing items from accidentally falling out. This design also makes it easier to access the bag's contents without the zipper getting in the way. Recessed zippers are a stylish and functional detail that adds a professional finish to handmade bags, enhancing both their aesthetic appeal and usability.

Zippered Pockets:

Zippered pockets are invaluable additions when crafting bags, whether it's a backpack, tote, or even a wallet. These pockets not only provide a secure and discreet storage solution but also add a level of organization and convenience to the bag. Zippered pockets are perfect for stashing essentials like keys, phones, or small items that need to be easily accessible yet safely contained. They offer peace of mind, ensuring that your valuables remain intact and within arm's reach, making them a practical and highly appreciated feature in bag design.

Learn how:

In this instructional video from Sew Many Creations, you will discover the comprehensive process of incorporating a zippered pocket into the interior or exterior of your bag, covering every step from beginning to end. Additionally, you will gain a thorough understanding of integrating a concealed zippered closure. This resource is invaluable for anyone working with Sew Many Creations patterns that offer these options, such as the Cailey Handbag, Elly Handbag, Lucy Crossbody, and numerous others. Furthermore, you can apply these techniques to enhance any bag pattern by including one or both of these elements.

Please note that this video does not serve as a complete guide for making an entire bag and will not provide instructions for assembling the entire bag.

Watch now:

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Links in BOLD type are affiliate links.  Button links lead to both free AND for-a-fee projects.

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