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The Kitsilano Picnic Bag

A digital sewing pattern and video by IThinkSew

The Kitsilano Picnic Bag Sewing Pattern

The Kitsilano Picnic bag is a spacious and rectangular tote bag designed for picnics and beyond! Its generous pockets offer convenient storage for all your picnic essentials, ensuring everything stays organized in a single bag. If you're a picnic enthusiast, this bag could become your go-to choice.

The Kitsilano Picnic Bag Sewing Pattern

An excellent option for young mothers as a diaper bag or even as a beach bag. With its ample size and multiple pockets, you can effortlessly carry tumblers, baby bottles, and more. Finished dimensions: 21 inches in width, 12 inches in height, and a depth of 6 and a half inches.

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