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The Double Take Everyday Bag

A Sewing Pattern from StudioKat Designs

The Double Take Bag sewing pattern by StudioKat Designs is a versatile and stylish bag that is lightweight and easy to carry everyday. This pattern includes instructions and templates to create a roomy and functional bag that features two exterior pockets, two interior pockets, and a zippered top closure to keep your belongings secure.

The Double Take Bag pattern is suitable for intermediate-level sewists who have some prior experience with bag-making. The pattern includes clear and detailed instructions with step-by-step illustrations to guide you through the entire sewing process, from selecting your fabric to finishing the bag.

The finished Double Take Bag measures approximately 8.5 inches wide, 5 inches tall, and 3.5 inches deep, making it the perfect size to carry all of your essentials. You can customize the bag to suit your personal style by choosing your favorite fabrics, colors, and hardware.

With the Double Take Bag pattern by StudioKat Designs, you can create a stylish and functional bag that you'll be proud to use every day. This bag design features lots of storage including a hidden storage niche in-between the two pouches which is ideal for items requiring quick access, and it seals with a reassuring click! The Double Take is lightweight and easy-to-carry, including one or more credit card caddies. Avoid TSA hassles with this bag as it is small enough to stow away inside a backpack and easily brought out for use once you arrive at your destination!


Links in BOLD type are affiliate links.  Button links lead to both free AND for-a-fee projects.

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