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Sew a Kids Car Track Play Mat & Tote Bag - Sew and Sell

A PDF Sewing Pattern by PatternPlay

Sew a Kids Car Track Play Mat & Tote Bag - PDF Sewing Pattern

An easy-to-sew play mat and toy car tote all-in-one! The perfect gift for busy children on the move! The two-lane road track play area measures 11” x 17”. A unique elastic pocket design stores up to three toy cars and keeps their treasures secure. This track is also a folding tote with a handle help you to get out the door easier and with less fuss. Customize your play mat for trains!  Add interesting and eye-catching embellishments.  Applique a pond with little fish in the center!? Create your child’s special play environment according to his or her preferences. This PDF sewing pattern by PatternPlay with traffic signs fabric to sew kids totes and bags features 15 pages of detailed instructions, over 30 color photos and illustrations detailing sewing steps, and a full-size ready to print track pattern.



PatternPile is a resource for finding practical and fun-to-sew patterns for bags, hats and quilts.


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