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Recycled Denim Purse – Re-using Pockets, Waistbands, Belt Loops from Jeans

In this free sewing video DIY, the folks from DIY Crafts TV show us an easy method to stitch this hip denim purse from a pair of jeans and some non-stretch cotton fabric for lining!  Learn how to re-purpose a back pocket, waistband, and button closure while creating this bag. 

You can sew this bag!  The perfect sewing project and purse for all ages.  

Watch now:

We love how the shank button was re-used along with the waistband to create a button-tab closure without doing all of that sewing!  The buttonhole is already stitched, the waistband is now a sturdy tab! Belt loops keep everything in place.  Make sure you use a needle for denim

Tip: Use a brightly colored cotton fabric for lining so it is easier to see what is inside your bag.


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