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PatternPile is a resource for finding practical and fun-to-sew patterns for bags, hats and quilts.

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Puppy Love Baby Quilt

A free PDF pattern by Jmann

Free Puppy Love Baby Quilt - Free PDF Pattern - Learn to Sew a Hand Running Stitch!

"Puppy Love" is a heartwarming baby quilt featuring twelve squares adorned with charming dog-themed appliqué. It's an easy and delightful project suitable for all levels of quilters, making it a cherished keepsake for any nursery.

The "Puppy Love" Quilt

"Puppy Love" stands out with its sweet canine design, boasting twelve appliqué dog squares that convey love and warmth, making it perfect for a baby's room.

One Pattern Simplicity

This quilt is beginner-friendly with its single pattern, allowing quilters to focus on honing their appliqué skills without complexity or confusion.

Embrace Variety

Unleash your creativity by using a variety of fabrics to create unique dogs in each square. Mix textures, colors, and patterns to personalize your quilt.

Utilize Scraps

Reduce waste and give new life to fabric scraps by using them for "Puppy Love." The small appliqué squares make this quilt ideal for repurposing remnants.

"Puppy Love" is a heartwarming and beginner-friendly quilting project that encourages creativity and resourcefulness. Craft a quilt that tells a story, warms hearts, and brings joy to both the quilter and the recipient. Happy quilting!



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