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Minimalist Reversible and Easy to Sew Hobo Bag - Multi-size

Carrying a reversible bag offers a blend of practicality and style that appeals to the modern minimalist, eco-conscious consumer. One of the primary advantages is the versatility it affords; with the flip of a fabric, you can instantly change the appearance of the bag to match your outfit, the current season, or mood without the need for packing an extra bag. This two-in-one functionality extends the bag's usability and can effectively double your styling options. Additionally, reversible bags are often seen as a more sustainable choice, reducing the need for multiple bags and thus minimizing fashion waste. They also tend to be a more economical option, providing two looks for the price of one. From a practical standpoint, such bags can be incredibly durable, as the ability to alternate sides may lead to a more even wear and tear over time. For those who value utility and simplicity, a reversible bag is a very smart addition to any wardrobe all year long. A no-brainer.

Minimalist Reversible and Easy to Sew Hobo Bag - Multi-size

Here we have an "easy to follow" pattern from SewingManPatterns to sew a straightforward reversible bag. Available in two sizes: standard and large. Its' minimalist style pairs well with various outfits. There are diagonal pockets on each side of this bag making them very accessible. A clever design and comprehensive step-by-step guide is provided to ensure that it's a beginner-friendly sewing project.

Diagonal pockets for a reversible hobo bag.

Finished sizes:

  • 30 x 32 x 14 cm (11.8" x 12.6" x 5.5") / shoulder strap 52 cm (20.5")

  • 39 x 37 x 16 cm (15.4" x 14.6" x 6.3") / shoulder strap 64 cm (25")

Watch a free sewing tutorial:

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