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Land Army Bag + Tips for Sewing with Tweed

Land Army Bag
Charlies Aunt Designs

An understated yet sweet contrasting bow, basic shoulder strap, and simple dart shaping is all detailed in this PDF sewing pattern for the Land Army Bag by Charlie’s Aunt Designs.  The flap closure may be embellished with 1940’s applique images that are included in the pattern (printed on to an inkjet fabric sheet).  Complete this wartime-era-style with vintage buttons. The finished Land Army Bag is 12” (30 cm.) high, excluding handle, by 15” (38 cm.) wide. The Land Army Bag can be constructed with; wool (recycle a vintage wool blanket), tweed (recycle a suit jacket, make sure you stabilize tweed), camouflage printed twill (upcycled camouflage clothing), or heavy decorator cottons just to name a few.  Despite the masculine/military undertones the Land Army Bag features lovely curves to give it feminine appeal.   


Tips for Sewing With Tweed Fabric:

Tweed fabric is a rough, unfinished woolen fabric, with a sometimes itchy, yet flexible texture, that can look like cheviot or homespun, but more closely woven. Tweed fabrics tend to fray or unravel easily. Most loosely woven tweed fabrics require stabilizing to prevent fabric distortion.  Follow these tips from Simplicity Patterns for positive results when sewing with difficult tweeds:

  • Seam finishing – because tweeds tend to fray or unravel, seam finishing is a must.  A simple zig zag stitch or overlocked /serger seam is typically fine. If however, you are making an unlined jacket, try binding the seam with double-fold bias tape.

  • Stabilize seams with twill tape to prevent stretching.

  • For very loosely woven or hand-woven tweeds, you must stabilize with a fusible tricot interfacing.

  • Use hem tape or lace to finish hems.

stack of tweed fabrics
Tips for Sewing With Tweed Fabric



Links in BOLD type are affiliate links.  Button links lead to both free AND for-a-fee projects.

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