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How to Sew This Easy Two-Seam Faux Fur Bag

Polly Rogers, Wendi Gratz, and Crafty Chick show us how easy sewing with fur can be with these frustration-saving sewing tips and a luxurious handbag project!

Two Seam Faux Fur Bag Sewing Tutorial by Polly Rogers

A free sewing tutorial from Polly Rogers that will surely entice the diva in you to create one of your own luxurious yet thrifty fur handbag.  Polly sewed her bag with faux fur and a fun yet simple little bag construction trick. Polly Rogers shows us how she creates the flat bottom for the bag to provide more space inside your bag. Recycle an old fur jacket instead of buying new synthetic faux fur!  It will save you money and you will have the most beautiful bag!  If you are hesitant to sew with fur, watch this very helpful free video by Wendi Gratz  called Sewing Faux Fur – the Basics.  Wendi shows us her sewing techniques and clever tricks while working with faux fur.

Get the Fur Handbag Sewing Tutorial

Don’t miss the video below by crafty chick who also shares some very good tips for sewing with any kind of fur:

How to Sew Faux Fur by crafty chick


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