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How to Mark Your Patterns with a Screw Punch

by Sarai of Coletterie


I’m sharing a great tool to cut and mark patterns: the simple screw punch.

What is a screw punch? Good question. Until now I had never seen one. From what I can see it’s just a hole punch, but unlike the typical office hole punch, you can punch holes anywhere on your paper or fabric, you’re not restricted to holes near an edge. I could think of a few things you could do with this tool using leather or vinyl as a decorative effort.

The screw punch has a removable tip for various hole sizes. You simply press down on it to punch a hole. Make sure you have a cutting mat underneath, or a thick surface you don’t mind cutting up (like cardboard or 1/4″ plywood), because it will cut straight through.

Get the Tutorial

Martha Stewart Crafts™ Screw Punch


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