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How to Make Fusible Foam for Bag Making

A free video by Pink Pony Design

Fusible foam interfacing is a versatile and convenient material that can enhance the structure and appearance of fabric items. It is widely used in various sewing and crafting projects, providing a professional finish and improved functionality. Once fused, the fabric and interfacing become one cohesive piece, providing added structure and stability. Maria Wallin demonstrates how she easily turns "sew in" foam such as By Annie's Soft & Stable into "fusible foam" using iron on adhesive such as Heat n' Bond Lite or any other fusible web for appliqué.

It's important to note that fusible foam interfacing may not be suitable for all fabrics. Delicate or heat-sensitive materials, such as silk or certain synthetic fabrics, may be damaged by the high heat required for fusing. In such cases, it's best to test a small piece of interfacing on a fabric scrap before applying it to the main project.

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