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A Comprehensive Video Guide to Installing Zipper Sliders, Pulls and Stops

Crafting a flawless zippered closure is crucial for various accessories like handbags, purses, garments, and leather goods. With this comprehensive video guide from, you can personalize your zipper to suit your style and needs, whether it's for a sleek handbag or a chic garment.

Here's what is covered in this video featuring Swiss Riri zippers:

  1. Breaking and Removing Zipper Teeth: Learn the art of removing unwanted zipper teeth to customize the length of your zipper chain.

  2. Separating Zipper Chain: Master the technique of separating the zipper chain to create a seamless closure for your project.

  3. Identifying the "P": Understand the significance of the "P" and how it guides you in assembling your zipper correctly.

  4. Installing Sliders with Precision: Ensure your sliders are installed in the right direction and alignment for smooth functionality.

  5. Adding Bottom Stops: Discover how to securely install bottom stops to prevent the slider from sliding off the zipper chain.

  6. Attaching Top Stops: Learn the process of adding top stops to your zipper for a polished finish.

Riri is a well-known brand of zippers from Switzerland, often recognized for their high quality and durability. They offer a variety of zippers, including metal, molded plastic, and nylon. Riri zippers are particularly popular in the luxury fashion industry due to their smooth functionality and premium finish. With these concise step-by-step instructions from, you'll be equipped to construct a professional-quality zipper tailored to your exact specifications.

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Links in BOLD type are affiliate links.  Button links lead to both free AND for-a-fee projects.

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