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  • Spring Chicken & Eggs Appliqued Mug Rug – PDF Pattern

    Eggs are the symbol of birth, growth, and new beginnings whilst the chicken signifies homely comfort. Combine the two and you have a new spring-time addition for your desk or table, the spring chicken mug rug. This cheerful mini quilt provides the perfect spot for your tea and cake and will look just as good in the office as the home. Suitable for hand or machine stitching this pattern comes with color diagrams, clear instructions, and a full-size appliqué sheet. These patterns are for personal use but permission is also granted to make these items to sell provided the item is handmade by you and you credit the Patchsmith for the design. No mass production is allowed. Get the Pattern

  • The Bunny Face Bag – Free Sewing Tutorial

    from SewVery! A free sewing tutorial from SewVery for this sweet tote bag with an appliqued bunny face on the front!  The Bunny Face Bag is a quick bag to sew and an awesome scrap-busting project.  This tutorial includes the pattern pieces for the bunny face and a template for the mouth and whiskers. Go to the Bunny Face Bag – Free Sewing Tutorial Advertisement

  • The Whimsical Alice Bag

    whimsicalfabric #epattern #zipper #baghandles #Handbag #doublehandles #PDF #whimsicalbag #ThePolkaDotChair #face #Easter

  • Sew a Reversible Lunch, Snack, or Treat Bag with Bunny Ears

    sewing tutorial from Minki’s Worktable shows us how to stitch these sweet reversible snack, lunch, or Easter

  • Little Bunny Poo Poo Treat Bags

    If you have kids in your life that really love Easter and a good giggle, they will be smitten with this door flap to dispense Easter candy!

  • Bunny Backpack

    A free sewing video tutorial from Modern DIY A free sewing video tutorial from Modern DIY to sew this very simple drawstring bunny backpack! A pompom bunny tail and floppy ears make this drawstring bag project fun to sew! This is a scrap-friendly project that you can sew with any light or medium-weight fabric. Use contrasting colors or blend them as Modern DIY has done in this free sewing video tutorial. Watch now:

  • Sew a Knitting Basket – Free Sewing Tutorial + PDF Template

    Of course these pretty fabric baskets can hold just about anything you want, and can be used as Easter (Opens in new window) #knittingbasket #knittingstoragebasket #sewing #pattern #DailyFix #epattern #Easterbasket

  • Mastering Bag-Making: A Comprehensive Guide to Sewing a Stiff Base for Your Bags

    A free Sewing Tutorial by Christina of Bumblebee Bagz Christina of Bumblebee Bagz shows us how she creates a super-stiff bottom for her basic tote bag. This free sewing tutorial is easy-to-follow.  However, you need to know how to construct a straight-forward tote bag in order to follow along and understand Christina’s instructions.  This fundamental bag-making tutorial is important only after you have cut out your pattern pieces and any interfacing.

  • Sew a Toiletry Bag With Handles

    This comprehensive tutorial covers everything from utilizing the pattern to cutting out the fabric and mastering

  • The Balerno Bag

    with instructions and photos as well as a helpful video sew-along to make this bag sewing project even easier

  • The JT Zippered Pouch

    The wristlet strap makes it easier to carry.

  • How to Make an Adjustable Bag Strap

    Nice clear instructions will help you to master making a lovely adjustable bag strap for your bags.

  • The Goodness Bowl

    comprehensive guide in PDF format provides step-by-step instructions, accompanied by detailed photos and master

  • Earbud Case - Mini Zipper Pouch

    Makes it easier to find inside another larger bag.

  • The Holland Pouch - Multi-size - Sew and Sell

    Pouch pattern was to provide a straightforward and speedy quilted pouch pattern that could be easily mastered

  • Sturdy Solutions: Creating a Stiff Bottom for Your Tote Bag

    A firm base often helps the bag to stand upright on its own, making it easier to access and organize

  • Maximizing Functionality: The Art of Adding Pockets and Compartments to Bag Designs

    Pockets and Compartments Organization: Well-designed pockets and compartments segregate items, making it easier For example, bright-colored linings make it easier to spot items inside.

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