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  • How to Sew Chicken Oven Gloves: A Fun and Functional Pattern

    A digital sewing pattern from Miu Design By Jane This PDF sewing pattern is intended for use in the kitchen, but it's a useful item to play around with as a soft toy if you have kids. Great for opening the lid of the pot, not meant for use as an oven mitt. It stands upright like a chicken, so it's convenient to put your hand right in. Hang the chicken by the tail from a hook. A fun accessory for any farmhouse kitchen! This pattern contains 15 pages of step-by-step instructions with helpful tips, diagrams, and photos. Beginners can also easily follow along.

  • Spring Chicken & Eggs Appliqued Mug Rug – PDF Pattern

    Eggs are the symbol of birth, growth, and new beginnings whilst the chicken signifies homely comfort. Combine the two and you have a new spring-time addition for your desk or table, the spring chicken mug rug. This cheerful mini quilt provides the perfect spot for your tea and cake and will look just as good in the office as the home. Suitable for hand or machine stitching this pattern comes with color diagrams, clear instructions, and a full-size appliqué sheet. These patterns are for personal use but permission is also granted to make these items to sell provided the item is handmade by you and you credit the Patchsmith for the design. No mass production is allowed. Get the Pattern

  • Rustic Farmhouse Style Nesting Baskets Crochet Pattern

    these nesting baskets in the bathroom, kitchen, household storage areas, or use them as a gift basket / Easter

  • Sew a Little Lamb Zippy Critter Pouch - Sew and Sell

    This pouch would make a cute Easter gift.

  • Halloween Jack-o’-lantern Treat Basket

    Create one of these baskets without the face for Easter.

  • Sew a Kids’ Ruffled Purse for Spring

    Perfect sewing inspiration for Easter! This bag reminds us of the much larger Joiku tote bag, however this ruffled purse is an easier sewing ) Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window) #freePDFpattern #CreateKidsCouture #PDF #fabric #Easter

  • Sew a Reversible Lunch, Snack, or Treat Bag with Bunny Ears

    sewing tutorial from Minki’s Worktable shows us how to stitch these sweet reversible snack, lunch, or Easter

  • Mastering the Butler Method: A Guide to Inserting Zippers with The Easy Peasy Pouch Pattern

    The Easy Peasy Pouch sewing pattern from AmyLynneDesigns is aptly named for its simplicity and fun sewing experience. You'll quickly find yourself making more than one of these pouches. Easy Peasy pouches are perfect to give as gifts, and they're a fantastic addition to your online store or as items for a craft fair. The best part? They require minimal supplies, making them nearly cost-free to make. Economical, fun to sew, and a very practical gift at any time of the year. Butler Method for Inserting Zippers: The is Easy Peasy Pouch™ is crafted using the Butler Method when inserting the zipper. The Butler Method, a technique devised to simplify the process of adding zippers to your bags. This method eliminates the need for folding, measuring, sewing, and prepping your zipper before insertion. Once you try this technique, you'll likely find it indispensable, and use it for all your bag projects. How to use the Butler Method with the Easy Peasy Pouch Pattern: Christine from Christine's Home Affairs also beautifully demonstrates this zipper insertion technique for bag-making in the video below. Subscribe to Christine's Home Affairs on YouTube Resources for Zippers: Zipit - USA/Buy YKK Zippers Wholesale ZipperLoft - Canada/Genuine YKK Zippers ZipperStop - USA/ZipperStop Authorized Wholesale Distributor YKK® NeedledBoutique - UK/Haberdashery & Hardware - Official YKK Zips made in UK

  • Mastering Bag-Making: A Comprehensive Guide to Sewing a Stiff Base for Your Bags

    A free Sewing Tutorial by Christina of Bumblebee Bagz Christina of Bumblebee Bagz shows us how she creates a super-stiff bottom for her basic tote bag. This free sewing tutorial is easy-to-follow.  However, you need to know how to construct a straight-forward tote bag in order to follow along and understand Christina’s instructions.  This fundamental bag-making tutorial is important only after you have cut out your pattern pieces and any interfacing.

  • Scalloped Edge Crochet Basket PDF Pattern + Free Crochet Courses for Beginners

    Opens in new window) Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window) #designer #pattern #epattern #Easterbasket

  • The Whimsical Alice Bag

    whimsicalfabric #epattern #zipper #baghandles #Handbag #doublehandles #PDF #whimsicalbag #ThePolkaDotChair #face #Easter

  • Sew a Knitting Basket – Free Sewing Tutorial + PDF Template

    Of course these pretty fabric baskets can hold just about anything you want, and can be used as Easter (Opens in new window) #knittingbasket #knittingstoragebasket #sewing #pattern #DailyFix #epattern #Easterbasket

  • Ruffled iPhone Wallet

    previously but Amy wanted to update the pattern and change the closure style to something a little easier

  • Sew a Toiletry Bag With Handles

    This comprehensive tutorial covers everything from utilizing the pattern to cutting out the fabric and mastering

  • The Balerno Bag

    with instructions and photos as well as a helpful video sew-along to make this bag sewing project even easier

  • The Heraklion Wine Tote - Sew and Sell

    This is easier than it sounds because the pieces are all simple squares and rectangles.

  • Sew the Small World Suitcase for Kids

    Don't worry about taking on the zipper because it's sewn in flat, not in the round, making it much easier

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