Sew a Pretty Zippered Ribbon Pouch – Free Sewing Tutorial

by Mark Montano, author of The Big Ass Book of Crafts Series

by Mark Montano
Visit FlippinRibbon for beautiful printed, novelty, and plain ribbon to stitch these sweet ribbon pouches together! Zippered ribbon pouches are an ideal solution to storing and carrying small items while making fabulous gifts for any occasion! Sew and sell sets with one pouch for each holiday, season, or use a theme you love, such as nautical, primitive, modern, or retro style!  Use your ribbon pouches as loot bags at kids’ parties, gift bags, or personal storage bags. Scroll down for even more bags created with ribbon!

Sew a Lined Zippered Ribbon Pouch - Free Video Tutorial

by Mark Montano

Totes & Bags eProject

Designs by Sue Marsh for Whistlepig Creek Productions

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