Classy Diaper Bag Tutorial With a Divider

Diaper Bag Sewing Tutorial With a Divider

Diaper Bag Tutorial With a Divider

Creative Serging: Beyond the Basics

You can carry your stuff and baby’s stuff, all in one bag.  It’s a “biggun”, measuring about 19″ long, 12″ tall and 6″ wide.  What’s exciting about this bag?   It’s full of useful surprises!   It’s got a divider inside and lots of pockets, including some with elastic that pull out, which are great for bottles.   This is a complicated bag, but Warehouse Fabrics wouldn’t say you have to be a really experienced sewer to make it.  You just need some patience and time.   If you’ve ever wondered how to put a divider in a bag, they’ll walk you through it.   This bag also has a lot of body, so it stands up on its own.   As always, if you need help or don’t understand something in the instructions, please contact them using this the e-mail link.

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