A Pretty Camera Case + Wristlet Bag

A Digital Sewing Pattern from Michelle Patterns

wristlet camera bag sewing pattern download

Sew this unique camera case for a small camera with this digital sewing pattern from Michelle Patterns. This wristlet pouch has one main pocket on the front to hold your camera, and one more back pocket. Two simple intertwining straps hold it closed to create a carrying handle/wristlet strap. The carrying strap is just the right length to slip over your wrist, but short enough that you can easily grasp the case with your hand. This pretty wristlet bag is designed to hold a small point-and-shoot camera. The flap is held closed by two magnetic snaps, making this is a very secure little pouch. This bag is padded with fleece and an extra layer of interlining fabric to offer some protection for your camera.

Get the Digital Sewing Pattern at Michelle Patterns

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