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  • A Spring Day Tote + Fabric Flower Bloom

    A digital sewing pattern to make this shabby chic Spring Day tote bag from Sunday Girl Designs. includes the instructions to create a shabby chic fabric rose bloom to add to the front of the Spring Day

  • The Greyson Day Pack – Concealed Carry Option

    Mountain Moon Handbags A modern, unisex, and sporty bag design that is ideal for your daily essentials The Greyson Day Pack is loaded with pockets with a larger main pocket that is accessible from the side The Greyson Day Pack from Mountain Moon Handbags measures 13.5″ wide at the top and 9″ at the bottom, sports #PDF #handsfreebag #handsfree #modern #bicycle #sportsbag #travel #giftidea #motorcycle #sport #daypack

  • Father’s Day / Suit + Tie Quilt Block

    MyPieceFullJourney A Fathers Day Suit Jacket + Tie quilt block pattern designed by Olesya Lebedenko. Get the PDF Pattern at MyPiecefullJourney More fun patterns for Father’s Day: Necktie case Device Cable

  • Pumpkin Trick or Treat Baskets to Sew for Halloween

    These baskets designed by lovefrombeth for Halloween trick or treating, also make wonderful storage baskets

  • Sew an Easy Trick-or-Treat Bag with Nancy’s Notions

    A Free Sewing Video Tutorial by Nancy's Notions A fast and easy to sew Halloween trick-or-treat candy Also learn how to embellish your trick-or-treat bag with some simple fusible applique and stitch it together

  • Frankenstein Monster Trick or Treat Bag – Free DIY

    A unique and creative Halloween sewing project by Lisa Summerhays for Tatertots & Jello Monster Trick Lisa wrote a unique sewing tutorial for a felt Frankenstein Halloween Trick-or-Treat bag that you should

  • How to Sew a Trick or Treat Bucket Bag for Halloween

    This sewing project is perfect for both Halloween decorations and trick-or-treating.

  • Crochet An Easy Spring or Summer Ladies Hat

    Bag-o-Day Crochet This pretty summer hat is fun and easy to crochet. Follow along with Crystal from Bag-o-Day Crochet and learn how to crochet your new spring or summer hat Watch the free crochet tutorial now: Subscribe to Bag-O-Day Crochet on YouTube

  • The Art of Handmade Leather Bags: Tips and Tricks for Crafting your Own

    Leather is a popular material for bag-making due to its durability, versatility, and aesthetic appeal. Here are some key aspects to consider when using leather to make bags: Types of Leather for Bag-Making: Full-Grain Leather: The highest quality, includes the entire grain layer without surface alterations. It's durable and resists moisture while aging gracefully. Top-Grain Leather: Slightly sanded to remove imperfections. It's thinner and more pliable than full-grain, often used in high-end bags. Genuine Leather: Made from the remaining layers of hide after the top is split off. Less durable and cheaper. Bonded Leather: Composed of leather scraps bonded together with adhesives. It's the lowest quality and least durable. Suede: Made from the underside of the hide, known for its soft texture. It's less durable and more susceptible to damage from moisture and stains. Characteristics to Consider: Durability: Full-grain leather is the most durable, ideal for everyday use. Flexibility: Top-grain leather offers more flexibility, suitable for stylish and luxury bags. Texture and Appearance: Full-grain retains natural markings, while top-grain has a more uniform appearance. Maintenance: Leather requires care to maintain its appearance, including regular cleaning and conditioning. Weight: Leather bags can be heavier than those made from synthetic materials. Environmental and Ethical Considerations: Sustainability: Leather production has environmental impacts, including the use of chemicals in tanning and concerns over animal welfare. Alternatives: Vegan leathers made from materials like polyurethane or plant-based sources are becoming popular for ethical reasons. Price Range: High-Quality Leather Bags: Tend to be more expensive, reflecting the quality and craftsmanship. Budget-Friendly Options: Genuine and bonded leather offer more affordable options, though with compromises in quality and durability. Applications in Bag-Making: Handbags and Purses: Often use top-grain or full-grain leather for durability and style. Travel Bags: Full-grain leather is preferred for its strength and longevity. Fashion Accessories: Suede and top-grain leathers are used for their aesthetic qualities. Sewing Considerations: Choosing the Right Leather: Select a leather type suitable for your bag project, consider its' thickness and flexibility. Specialized Tools: Use a leather needle, which is sharper and stronger than standard sewing needles, and a walking foot on your sewing machine to handle leather's thickness. Thread Selection: Opt for strong threads like nylon or polyester. Stitch Length: Use longer stitches to prevent tearing. No Pinning: Pins leave permanent holes in leather. Use clips or double-sided tape instead. Testing: Always test your stitch settings on a scrap piece of leather first. Seam Treatments: Trim and flatten seams to reduce bulk. Hand Sewing: If hand sewing, use a saddle stitch for durability. The choice of leather for bag-making depends on the desired quality, appearance, and use of the bag. While full-grain leather offers the best in durability and aging, other types like top-grain and genuine leather provide alternatives for different styles and price points. Watch Sew Leather With Regular Sewing Machine: Subscribe to Skill Tree at YouTube Resources for Leather: MottoiLeather BaverCraft LeatherSupplierUL LeatherSupplyInc MoxiesLeather Patterns That Work Well With Leather: How to Make a Leather Messenger Bag The Triskele Wallet The Stephie Shoulder Bag + Sew and Sell The Vespera Tote with Matching Wristlet The Luciana Handbag – Sew and Sell The Attleborough Messenger Bag Unisex Bathurst Messenger Bag

  • Reversible Halloween Trick or Treat Tote – PDF Sewing Pattern

    This PDF sewing pattern bundle by TheLazyDogStudio is great for beginner sewers. The reversible treat bag pattern contains over 70 pictures that work with the pattern instructions. These patterns can be customized to your taste. The creative possibilities are endless! This pdf pattern combo includes three .PDF files and one .jpeg. Patterns come with alternate quilted handle instructions and instructions for an alternate option for a tie instead of a bow. The tie is great for boy bags!

  • Super Simple Scrap Buster: Valentine’s Day Goody Bags

    shares a free sewing tutorial with We All Sew / Bernina to stitch these adorable simple Valentine’s Day More for Valentine’s Day: Heart Coin Purse Sweet Treats Gift & Goody Bags Heart Basket PDF Crochet Pattern

  • The Tea Time Wallet - Sew and Sell

    A digital sewing pattern by Uniquely Michelle A PDF sewing pattern to sew the Tea Time Tea Wallet. The Tea Time Tea Wallet keeps your tea bags handy whether you are at work, school, or travel. This little wallet can store up to six tea bags. Keep one in your purse or at your desk! Great for camping too! A sew and sell project!

  • Sew a Snappy Manicure Case – Free PDF Sewing Pattern

    A sewing project by Noodlehead This free PDF sewing pattern from Robert Kaufman Fabrics and designed by Noodlehead is perfect for experienced intermediate sewers.  The pattern shows us how to sew a manicure pouch.  What a great gift idea! Teens would love this little manicure bag too.  Elasticized compartments for your nail polish and a zippered compartment for emery boards, clippers, etc.  A simple snap closure keeps all your pretty treasures snug inside.  Treat yourself and sew one for yourself!  The fabric used here is called This and That by Anne Kelle. Finished pouch measures 8" x 5" x 1".

  • Quilted Teapot Cozy

    Stitch this quilted teapot cozy for Mother’s Day with this free pattern download from Susan Terpin.

  • Quilted Teapot-shaped Zipper Pouches

    A nice Mother's Day gift idea!

  • Patriotic “Q” Quilt

    A fun quilt designed with a patriotic theme with a “Q”! Get a conversation started around The Great Awakening. ⇒ Go to the Patriotic “Q” Quilt PDF Pattern ⇐ More patriotic projects featured at PatternPile: Just Arrived - Today's Newest Fabric Collections! on Pocket (Opens in new window) Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window) #TheGreatAwakening #patriot #stars #quiltpattern #patrioticbag #quiltingproject #quiltepattern #PDF #patriotic #quiltblockpatterns

  • Stacked Tea Cups Quilt Block

    Those stacked cups are a versatile design for many kind of project, wall hanging, kitchen projects, table quilt, table mats or a cushions! Just follow your imagination! This PDF quilt block pattern includes clearly labeled paper piecing pattern sections, clear color chart and comprehensive instructions to sew the block in a range of sizes with a size chart to reduce or enlarge the pattern from 10″ to 8″ or 12 “. Get the Pattern

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