Using “Smart Fabric” Technology for Making Bags

Motion-powered 'smart' fabric can charge our electronics? What will this mean for bag-making?

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Using Smart Fabric Technology for Making BagsSo now that we know this fabric technology is on it’s way, and sooner or later will be available to everyday consumers, what would you create with a yard of “smart fabric“?

Here are some suggestions for future power-generating fabric sewing projects:

More Smart Fabric News Clips:  

CNET “Motion-powered ‘smart’ fabric could charge your electronics. A new type of fabric is designed to collect and store static electricity in order to give your personal devices a power boost.” [Read more at Cnet!] by   .

CBSN: Scientists are developing a fabric that can charge your electronic devices. CNET’s Bridget Carey also joins CBSN in this video with more on how it works.

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