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Quick favor! I really need your feedback regarding newsletter scheduling!

thinking about the handbag patterns posted today

Good morning all!  I am looking for your feedback regarding how often the newsletter is published.  I’m simply looking for a “majority vote” so please do participate in the survey if you subscribe to the email newsletter.   With only one question you’re sure to be in and out with a click of a button.


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Want to be featured on this blog?

thinking about the handbag patterns posted today

I love to show off PP’s brilliant subscribers’  handbag projects, skills, and helpful ideas.  Whether it’s here on the site, or within any other social media outlet, the feature is sure to be noticed!  If you have anything you would like to share in trends and tips, sewn handbag projects, tutorials, patterns, or a *studio or shop feature.  Have you tried a pattern I feature here at PP and created a beautiful bag you’d love to show off?

* please send me: 


  • 3-5 clear images in .jpg format
  • an introductory paragraph about you
  • information about your project, yourself, your shop, or studio
  • links to your site

* email to: susanne@patternpile.com

If I can feature you, I will get in touch!

*Retailers may be asked to advertise or reciprocate.

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A Weekend Who’s Who!

surprisesHave you sewn a bag from a pattern or tutorial you found here at PP?   If you have, please post a link  (if there is one) to a photo your finished bag and a link to the pattern here at PP.   If you could tell me why you chose that pattern and give me your opinion on both the bag and the pattern.

There’s a reason/surprise as to why I am asking. ;)

Love you all!!

thinking about the handbag patterns posted today

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✄ One for Me, One for you

Round Satchel Bag Sewing Pattern & Tutorial

That is probably what any Mom would say when they saw the bag patterns featured today!  The Round Satchel bag pattern would be for her, and the Padded Leap Pad tutorial for the little one.  Wait, there’s more, the Dandelion purse tutorial would also be super nice…  just because… one more handbag wouldn’t hurt, right?!  ;)


The Round Satchel Bag by Ali Foster is very feminine and chic.  A modern bag that is also fabulous for everyday use.  A simple button closure at the top encloses a two-inch gusset.  An open pocket inside for your cell phone.  I would love to make this bag out of this fabric(see swatch here)  See and read more about this chic bag right here }


leap pad case tutorial by pink stitchesThe Padded Leap Pad Case tutorial is free and it would make a fab gift!  If your kids use a Leap Pad and they carry it to and from wherever they go, you might want to consider making one of these cases for them.  I wish I had made one when my kids were little, perhaps the Leap Pad would have lasted a bit longer!  I would definitely make this case out of a washable fabric, or a vinyl.  You could also try a laminated printed fabric too – to wipe clean.  { Anyhoo..  check out this free tutorial by Pink Stitches here }


Dandelion Framed Purse Tutorial

The Dandelion Bag tutorial is free and is based on one of Lisa Lam’s designs using a curved purse frame.  EmilyJean of CityStitchin sews up her Dandelion Purse making the bag large enough to carry a book with her on the subway.  EmilyJean referenced the excellent tutorials in The Bag Making Bible (also by Lisa Lam) to add darts for shape and an elasticized pocket in the lining.  I love to see a variety of resources and ideas come together to create an awesome custom-made handbag!  { See and read more right here }


I hope today’s tutorials and patterns have inspired you to whip some fabric out of your stash and fire up the sewing machine!  Please let me know if you tried any of them, I’d love to see some photos too!

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