T-shirt Quilt Tutorial + Perceptions and Approaches to Quilting

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Save those memories of friends and family and create treasured heirloom quilts with favorite t-shirts.  I have seen this done with sports jerseys as well.   Themes are endless and materials can be almost free.  This video shows you how you can use t-shirts beyond the typical squares.
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Perceptions and Approaches to Quilting Today:  We all take different steps to get us to the same end result, which is a project and technique we love. Susan Brubaker Knapp begins with an image first and then transforms it into a quilt. Next, designer Ebony Love utilizes a fabric die cutter as her key element to accomplish fusible, needle turn and mock needle turn appliqué. Last is Sophie Rubin a young quilter with a grown up perspective on seeing trends.”  InterWeave Craft

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