Lipstick Case – Free Sewing Pattern and Tutorial + Surface Design

Sew a lipstick case to go with a cosmetic bag and purse! ✄

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Sew a lipstick case to go with a cosmetic bag and purse!  Free Sewing Tutorial by The Mother Huddle

Sew this lipstick case using scrap fabric from handbags you’ve already sewn together for a polished and coordinated look. A free sewing tutorial from the Mother Huddle!  I love that a mirror was included.  This sewing project is *not* as difficult as it looks.  Pull out your scraps and sew a few together. Coordinate one of these lipstick cases with a cosmetic bag, and even a purse.

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Fabric Patterning with Wax Resist

Surface Design with Silk Screens, Soy Wax Resist, & Fabric Manipulation with Ginny Eckley:


Create beautiful surfaces for your quilt projects!

Fiber artist Ginny Eckley will take you on a surface design adventure using screen printing, soy wax resist, dye, fabric manipulation, and more. Join Ginny and learn to create pleasing artwork that combines a mix of imagery with a balance of abstraction. After an overview of the Workshop and a discussion of design, you’ll learn how to create precise images using silk screens. Next, get a variety of methods for using soy wax to soften the imagery and add interest to backgrounds. Soy application techniques covered in this Workshop include using a string-wrapped brayer, wooden blocks, and chip brushes.

Plus, you’ll discover how to set off your designs by adding a tranquil mix of pleated patterns, reminiscent of shibori. The pleated patterns provide interest and, like the calming waves of the ocean, they offer a comforting sense of harmony. Learning new techniques is wonderful—and combining new techniques to create art is even better! This is one adventure you won’t want to miss.  Find out more!

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