How to Sew Slip Pockets into a Bag – Free Tutorials

Two fantastic tutorials demonstrating how to sew slip pockets into any handbag from Shannon Sorensen Designs and Bernina International.

slip pockets sewing tutorials at patternpile.comI have two fabulous tutorials for you today so we can learn how to include a slip pocket in our bags.  It’s EASY!  You’ll wish you’d seen this before!  Take a looksy…

slip pockets sewing tutorial

1.  Shannon of Shannon Sorensen Designs published this fantastic tutorial demonstrating how to include slip pockets in any handbag.  Slip pockets are one of the easiest pockets to include within any sewing project.  Let Shannon walk you through the steps and you will have slip pockets in no time!   (Check out her ruffled bag too!)  As bag feature, the slip pocket is a little something extra to help you stay organized.

Get the Tutorial

2.  Also see the free video tutorial below by Bernina International demonstrating their method of sewing in a zippered slip pocket!

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