How to Sew a Door-Knob Caddy + Using a Plastic Ruler as Seam Guide

How to Sew a Door-Knob CaddyAn excellent free sewing tutorial from Sew4Home shows us how to sew up this caddy to hang on your door-knobs to remind you of everything you shouldn’t forget when you walk out the door!  This hanging caddy is a two-sided, multi-pocket caddy with a loop that hangs right over the doorknob.  In fact, Liz Johnson, who published this sewing tutorial, just grabs the whole caddy and tosses it in her car.  Just don’t forget to bring it back in when you arrive home.  A very nice scrap-busting sewing project and a neat gift idea.

Get the Tutorial

Using a Plastic Ruler as Seam Guide – by Kevin Sews:

“I was helping a friend who is new to sewing and jokingly setup a plastic ruler as his seam guide. It worked so well for him I figured I’d share it with you…. just in case you too can’t sew a good straight line. LOL”

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