Easter Bunny Tote – Free DIY and Template + 17 Easter Sewing Projects

by Jene of Wear the Canvas

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Easter Bunny Tote DIY by Jene of Wear the Canvas

Jene fromย Wear the Canvas made this adorable Easter Bunny tote bag in just a few hours. ย Jene also offers a free printable template for the bunny‘s ears, as well as theย steps to createย the bag. ย Just think of the facial expressions you could give this bunny! ย Customize your bunny bag and make it one-of-a-kind. You will need: existing basicย tote bag, embroidery thread and needle, yarn, pom pom maker, pencil, ruler, scissors, solidย fabric, fusible interfacing, Jene’s ear template, sewing machine and thread.

Easter Bunny Tote – Free DIY

More Easter Bag Sewing Projects:

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    Bunny Pouch – Free Tutorial

    Bunny Pouch – Free Photo Sewing Tutorial

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  15. Easter Bunny Tote Bag Pattern
  16. Easter Bunny Bag โ€“ Free Pattern
  17. Upcycle a Sweater to Bunny Basket + Sew Perfect Corners โ€“ Free Sewing Tutorials

We hope these projects inspire you to sew, knit, or crochet,ย something fabulous today!


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