Pattern & Tutorial Submissions

Hi there and thank you for checking out how to submit a pattern to be showcased at! We feature patterns by independent designers to share with thousands of sewing enthusiasts every day.

Before we get started there’s a few things that everyone should know:

Contact us to submit your sewing pattern or tutorial1. We reserve the right to edit where and when appropriate.
2. We reserve the right to link out from your pattern description and supply list, to retail vendors who support
3. We reserve the right to require valid a registration from all users in order to acquire access to your pattern or tutorial.
4. We reserve the right to remove your pattern from the library should the content become unavailable or inappropriate for our audience.
5. It’s up to the designer to inform us of any changes in the tutorial or pattern url.
6. If your pattern or tutorial is FREE: we’d really appreciate, (but don’t absolutely require,) a donation in exchange for the exposure and any traffic that might come your way as a result. To donate to our penny jar, please scroll down on this page to find the donation box. The more generous the donation, the more exposure your pattern will receive. (Don’t forget about our Pinterest, Twitter, and Facebook  entries too!)

7. If your pattern requires payment:  All patterns that are for sale require a $20 charge to be reviewed, edited, linked, image optimized and published.  We will send you an invoice using the email address you provide within your submission via

If this form does not want to co-operate with you please contact us here.

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