Quilted Hexie Pouches – Two Free Tutorials

from Elena Jorge and Cíça Mora ⬣

Cica Mora's Free Tutorial Quilted Hexi Pouch

These quilted hexipouches are so pretty!  I am showcasing two free quilting tutorials for the same hexie pouch so that you have the benefit of two creative perspectives, perhaps variations of quilting techniques, and written formats. Both quilting tutorials can be translated into your desired language by using the Google translator on the right hand side of either tutorial, along the sidebar. The original hexie pouch tutorial and design appears to belong to Cica Mora.  Elena Jorge references Cica’s tutorial as the inspiration for her own quilted hexagon pouch.  I think they both did a beautiful job and that you are inspired by their sewing and quilting too. ⬣

Moedeira EPP marias quilted hexi pouch and tutorial

Go to Cica Mora’s Free Quilted Hexi Pouch Tutorial

Free Quilted Hexi Pouch Tutorials

Go to Elena Jorge’s Free Quilted Hexi Pouch Tutorial

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