Cases to Carry and Sew

Print your pdf sewing patterns with TomatiInkI’ve always ad♥red a gift that came inside it’s own special case, ever since I was a wee girl.  I still love them, and I save them all. The case sewing pattern category is one of my favorite sewing project categories as it is so vast and there are so many opportunities to learn how to pattern.  Case design depends upon the object that the case will contain.  We can sew cases for just about *anything*.  Within this category you will find a wide variety of sewing patterns for projects as large as suitcases, and as small as cases for an Epi-Pen.  There are tons of case styles and uses.   Each with it’s own individual construction, closure styles, and materials. Stay tuned for more case sewing patterns and tutorials to download and print here at  Sew I hope you enjoy!