Bloom’s ‘Faux Piped’ Handles + 11 Free Handbag Strap Sewing Tutorials

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Bloom's 'Faux Piped' Handles - Free Sewing Tutorial

If you like the look of piping but don’t want to have to make or buy it, try this free sewing tutorial by Bloom that demonstrates how you can sew faux piping. ย Using her Bernina sewing machine, Bloom stitches up this handbag strap with a lovely clean professional-looking finish.

Get the Free Sewing Tutorial

The Better Bag Maker Book11 more bag strap sewing tips andย tutorials:

  1. Sew a Reversible Camera Strapย Sleeve
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  5. Sew and Attach an Adjustable Strap
  6. Sew A Purse Strap
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  10. How To Turn Straps Without Turning Tubes
  11. Easy Bag Handles Using a Bias Tape Maker

We hope these projects inspire you to sew, knit, or crochet,ย something fabulous today!  

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