Sew a Long-Flap Bicycle Saddlebag – Free DIY

Sew a SaddleBag for a Bicycle

Created with classic styling by Logan at PedalingNowhere, this long-flap saddlebag is coined a “Franken-Satchel”.  A timeless waxed canvas saddlebag stitched with modern materials and extra useful features. This particular saddlebag is made from #8 cotton duck, and was hand-waxed with Otter Wax. A Carradice Bagman Quick Release Rack (video demo below) makes it easy to attach and detach the saddlebag from the bike.  This long-flap saddlebag was built to take a beating and the flap can be used to secure and cinch down additional items like tent poles, or a rolled rain jacket.

  • 22.5” wide X 8.5” long X 10” deep
  • About 23 liters capacity

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“This video shows how a saddlebag mounts to the QR Bagman rack using the included nylon block. The QR racks come with a nylon block that can replace the leather straps that typically mount to saddle mounts making it very quick and easy to secure the bag in place.” Calhoun Cycle

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