Free vs. For-Fee PDF Sewing Patterns – Updates and Information 2015

The content here at is organized in two large sections of sewing tutorials, patterns and creative inspiration:  

  1. Freebiesalways tagged with “free“.
  2. Designer always tagged with “designer“.

We decided to do that as it is important to us that when you are searching for free sewing projects for bags, that you are directed to free sewing projects for bags!  If you are improving your sewing, want a challenge with a more advanced bag design, or want to support indie designers by purchasing and using their pdf sewing patterns, you can do that at PatternPile too.

As well as the distinction between the two large sections of fee vs. free sewing projects, there are many other keywords you can use within the tag cloud. There are handbag categories found along the top navigational bar, and sidebar, as well as sewing patterns for bags with licensing distinctions, (sew and sell). Utilize whatever technique is easiest for you to find exactly what you love to sew and see. is a casual catalog-style sewing resource.

With all of that said, we would appreciate it if everyone would please understand that if you’ve come across content elsewhere, that conveys a free sewing project is available here, perhaps from Pinterest, and that particular sewing project is now available for a FEE, that it is not our intention to mislead our visitors and friends – and that the project WAS FREE AT THE TIME OF PUBLISHING. We are probably simply unaware of the change.

We love to hear from you, if you have found a sewing project that has a change in cost requirement, please feel free to contact us and let us know.   Thank you to all of you who have contacted us with polite updates and inquiries!


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