✄ Magnificent Monday

A decent variety of bag patterns and tutorials today.  I just loved the fabric/Mod Podge luggage projects.  You could really create some gorgeous settings and beautiful and one-of-a-kind luggage for that matter.  I also thought that the recessed zipper tutorial would be very helpful to *many* of us.   I could not resist the bag by Emma Brennan, designed under the Charlie’s Aunt pattern line.  The shape really caught my eye.  According to my stats so far, everyone really appreciated the (free!) reversible messenger bag tutorial.  I made a bag very similar to that one and it turned out top-heavy.  This tutorial will not steer you wrong.  I wish I had found it before I cut up and mangled all my gorgeous dark peach/pink printed floral cottons.  I keep it hanging in my closet just for spite. :)

thinking about the handbag patterns posted todayMore free digital handbag patterns will be posted shortly!  Stay tuned, and click on my little character to go check out those bags!



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